A brand consultancy creating
better brands through dialogue.


Thinking & Doing

About PS Brand

We are a brand consultancy.

We help organizations with multiple stakeholders navigate big brand challenges. We build better brands through dialogue.

If this sounds interesting, we’re ready to listen to what you’re looking to achieve with your brand and discuss how we could help.

PS Brand Philosophy

Our name comes from a quote that simply and succinctly captures how we approach what we do:

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.

We believe that too many brands don’t engage their stakeholders properly and are only employing design thinking at a surface level.

Purpose & Character

We believe that your brand is the purpose and character of your organization that lives internally and externally.

Built Through Dialogue

We believe brands should be built through dialogue; connecting, listening, discussing and deciding on the way forward for the brand, with the people who matter most.

Realizing True Value

We believe that brands should deliver real and measurable value. Better brands do this through being inspiring, engaging, distinctive, emotionally resonant and coherent across everything they do.


We believe in building better brands through dialogue.


Process is a key part of successfully addressing big brand challenges and delivering value. Although many processes can seem very similar, it’s the beliefs and talent behind the process, the thought driving each phase and the work activities that happen that really matter.


Our experience has helped us formulate a powerful approach with a suite of strategic tools within it. It’s based around a set framework which we then optimize and tailor specifically to each client’s needs. In line with our overall philosophy, collaboration is built in at every point through a range of workshops, stakeholder panels, interviews and idea generation sessions. This approach has proven successful in delivering strong results. It is logical, intuitive and is built on these pillars.

Always Listen

Always Listen

The knowledge and experience is out there to shape your brand; it needs to be unlocked and collected.

Bold Decisions

Bold Decisions

Big, brave decisions need to be made and a story needs to be told that makes those choices clear for everyone.

Be Distinctive

Be Distinctive

Brands need to stand apart, they need to be uniquely identifiable making sure they are noticed, recognized and recalled.

Every Experience

Every Experience

Everywhere the brand shows up it needs to be contextually relevant and activated in an imaginative way.

Never Stop

Never Stop

There is no end line; structured review, adjustment and improvement are crucial for ongoing brand effectiveness.

If our approach sounds relevant for the challenges your brand is facing we’d love to meet.

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Brand Analysis

  • Market assessment & viability
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand & Experience audits
  • Positioning evaluation
  • Stakeholder insight

Brand Strategy

  • Positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Messaging & engagement
  • Co-branding & partnerships

Brand Experience

  • Identity systems
  • Naming & brand voice
  • Environments
  • Retail
  • Packaging
  • Corporate & Internal Communications
About PS Brand


  • Associations & 
Governing Bodies
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Food & Beverage
  • Industrial
  • Retail & Consumer Products
  • Travel, Transport & Destination